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Escaping the Bright Lights of Las Vegas

Think sin city is all about the sex, booze, and gambling? Well, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, it is. But step away from the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas strip and you will find an abundance of resources for the outdoor enthusiast, all within a 45-minute drive in just about any direction. Go east and you can play in the waters of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and the Colorado River; head northwest and you can hit the slopes of 11,000-foot Mount Charleston; if you’re a hiker, Valley of Fire to the north and Red Rock Canyon to the west are sure to quench your appetite for stunning rock formations and authentic desert hiking.

A Cold Ride from Cumberland Valley to Happy Valley

As we climbed what would be the final summit for the day, my brother John says, "You are going to kill me."

"Yes," I respond, "I just have not found a location remote enough yet."

The Road to Pescadero

A couple of weeks ago my friend Auston and I went for a bike ride down the coast. We left the city with no particular destination in mind. The plan was to head south on Highway 1, ride all day, and get a lot of sun.


Biking to Ski Hollowtop Peak, Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana

The forecast for the weekend was almost perfect for bicycling in February, in Montana. Our plan was to ride from Bozeman to the tiny cowboy town of Pony, 55 miles away. There we would set up camp and stash the bikes in the forest, in order to climb and ski Hollowtop, the highest peak in the Tobacco Root Mountains. This would be the third peak in my 7 Summits Of Bozeman project, a five-month plan to climb and ski the highest peak in each of the seven mountain ranges that surround Bozeman -- completing the entire project 100 percent human-powered, traveling only by bicycle, by foot, and on skis.

First Bikepacking Overnight: San Bernardino National Forest

Awhile back I started researching different types of riding, and soon discovered bikepacking when I ran into a guy at an event who sells gear for that activity. He and his wife actually rode the Continental Divide on mountain bikes. This, of course, led me to the Internet to find out all I could about bikepacking, which wasn’t too much. But I found it so interesting; it made me think back to my days in the Marine Corps with all the adventure and camaraderie. I started talking to my buddies about bikepacking and they expressed a general interest in it.

Bike Camp! Waterbury and Middlebury Gap

Although we have been biking forever, this was the first bike camping/touring ride for our party of three: The Dashingly Handsome Nate, the Ever Laughing Red, and myself, the Ginger Kiwi. The plan, a 2.5-day loop from Burlington, Vermont, south down Route 100, over Middlebury Gap, and back up Route 116. Easy, right?

West Fork Butte Lookout: An Overnight in the Sky

When I wrote that post a month ago, I had no idea I’d get myself into this kind of a lookout trip. In fact, I didn’t even know Nathan and I would be riding fat bikes up to the West Fork Butte lookout a few days ago