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Family trip on the Farmington River Valley Trail -- Connecticut

One of my favorite trips this past year was our family’s first outing on the Farmington River Valley Trail in Farmington, Connecticut. This trail is perfect for families with small children. You can ride as little or as long as you like, with wonderful amenities spaced out on the trail every few miles. There are also a multitude of diversions and attractions within a few miles of the trail.

Love touring but time challenged?

In the 2007 Adventure Cyclist article, S24Os: Bicycle camping for the time challenged (pdf), Grant Petersen (founder of Rivendell Bicycle Works) shares his thoughts on why short overnight tours are easy and fun. Grant originally coined the term "S24O" or Sub-24 Hour Overnight.

A season in the snake

Chronicling a summer of "micro adventures in Missoula's Rattlesnake wilderness," Aaron Teasdale's inspiring article "A Season in the Snake" appeared in the December/January 2010 issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine.

Bikecamping at Stub Stewart State Park (Oregon) with Kids

About a year ago, I stumbled upon this fabulous post on Portland's Clever Cycles website, "Bikecamping at Stub Stewart State Park (Oregon) with Kids." It's a wonderful account of a spontaneous family overnight adventure using Portland's light rail service and bicycles.