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The Covered Bridges of Sugar Creek

It looks different today ... much different. This cool water flows by me now on its long, slow amble to the Gulf, first meeting the Wabash River, and then joining up with the Ohio River and finally the Mississippi. This is Sugar Creek as I see it today, spanning perhaps a couple hundred feet as it nears its confluence with the Wabash, after carrying canoes and kayaks through a couple of state parks and draining 807 square miles of farm fields and other land of excess water. It certainly didn’t look like this yesterday when I left my home in Sugar Creek Township of Clinton County, near the headwaters of Sugar Creek and only one good day’s bike ride to the northeast.

Celebrating 50 Years Young

Wayne Capek and I work together, so we talked often of where to go on a Bike Overnight. Work and family obligations hung on tight and the summer passed without even one adventure. But a window of opportunity finally surfaced during a weekend in October. Wayne was turning 50, and he devised a plan, asking me and several other friends to ride with him 50 miles to a state park here in Indiana called Turkey Run.