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Whoopie Pies for Breakfast in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

The next time I drink a glass of milk, eat a soy burger, or bite into an ear of corn, I will think of beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This area (also called Pennsylvania Dutch Country), known for its fertile soil and strong farming industry, generates food, feed, and fiber via livestock-raising, dairy and poultry farms, and acres of corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. A large concentration of Amish and Mennonite farmers live here and work the land.

Le Tour de Villes

I have friends who live in Berks County, Pennsylvania, in the Tulpehocken Valley. I live near Lancater, about 35 miles from their very peaceful place, situated on a road that might see five cars a day. Great bicycling! I began these weekend rides about three and a half years ago, following two major back surgeries in a year. I have been riding all my life, but after that I just wanted to get my legs under me again, and explore the possibilities of my dream of long-distance, self-supported touring. My friends readily agreed to allow me to stay overnight in one of their spare bedrooms, and I am very grateful for their hospitality.

Biking the Northern Central on the Tracks of Our Ancestors

In 1843, Johann and Catherine Hagemeyer left their native Germany on a three-masted sailing ship in search of freedom and opportunity. After 45 days and one cyclone at sea, they and 180 other immigrants arrived in Baltimore. With two young children and three heavy trunks, Johann and Catherine boarded a small, steam-powered train for the first leg of a 25-day journey by rail and canal to the farmland of Ohio. Johann Hagemeyer was my great-great-grandfather. In researching his immigration, I made an unexpected discovery: The route of his train ride is now a scenic bike trail.

Try All by Fire: Choose Your Own Adventure in PA

Try All By Fire website claims that this event -- taking place August 13th in Pennsylvania -- is "unlike any other event." There is a finish line. The rest is up to you. The purpose of the event is as personal as the path you select. Therefore, registration is less about signing a form as it is pledging an oath. But wait, there's also breakfast in the morning! Whoohoo group overnight!