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“The Faraway Nearby,” a bike overnight to the Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area



From Chaska, MN, on local bike trails and county roads up the Minnesota River Valley to the Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area.

Sakatah me!

Terry and Joshua completed a quick out-and-back S24O (Say "Es-Two-Four-Oh," a sub-24-hour bike trip). On a first ever bike overnight for either of them, they chose an easy, non-technical route for young Joshua.

Pathways to Afton

Late last summer my boyfriend and I rode out to Afton State Park from St. Paul, MinnestoaWe had a taken a much longer Adventure Cycling trip earlier in the summer, which required a long drive, much planning, and a lot more gear. For this trip we took only a fraction of what we needed for our Idaho adventure, and it worked out great! 

Twin Cities Western Suburbs Beer Tour

Someone recently asked me about our anticipated bike adventure, which led to me trying to explain the concept of ultralight bike touring. The following exchange ensued:

Q.  So, you like, carry all your stuff on your bike and go camping?
A.  Yeah, that's generally the idea.
Q.  You ever done this before?
A.  No, not at all.
Q.  But you basically refinanced your house in order to buy two titanium mountain bikes?
A.  Yes, correct.
Q.  So you bought these bikes, plus a bunch of equipment, but you've never toured, nor do you know if you'll even enjoy it?
A.  Yeah ... (awkward silence)

Coming of Age on the Lake Wobegon Trail

Since they were toddlers, the grandchildren have ridden behind us, first in carts, then child seats, then on Trail-A-Bikes. Now, as we pedal through St. Joseph, Minnesota, to the Lake Wobegon Trailhead, fifteen-year-old Brandon takes the lead. His eleven-year-old sister, Nora, is on her own bike next to Linda and me on our tandem. Nora shifts gears and stands on her pedals to catch up to her brother. It strikes me that this year I’m seeing them ahead of me more often than looking back for them.

Northwoods Minnesota Loop

One of the advantages of living in rural northern Minnesota is the availability of many outdoor recreation options; and many lightly traveled roads. One loop I like to bicycle is close to our house and 50 miles in length. I've done it in a day, but this time I decided to camp overnight halfway.