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Seattle to Key Peninsula

The state ferries that cross Puget Sound can be a quick and affordable way for bicyclists to escape the urban sprawl and enjoy a rural retreat.

Although these ferry rides are relatively short, I always feel that I've been deposited on a faraway shore with all my cares and worries left behind.

Last week, I rode down to the Seattle Ferry Terminal to begin an overnight bicycle tour to the Key Peninsula, a rather isolated part of the lower Kitsap Peninsula. How isolated? A barista I spoke with near the town of Home said she'd lived there 32 years and was still considered a newcomer.


Bikepacking to 'Bag' Mt. Townsend

"What a stupid idea".....one thousand feet into the three thousand foot climb up Forest Service Road 25 to the Mnt. Townsend trailhead I really began to rethink my brilliant idea of using my bike to go climbing in the mountains. At the end of the day, it is just a whole bunch of hard work to get things done in good style.

High Steel Bridge over the Skokomish River

Riding your bike from Seattle into the woods of the Olympic National Forest is a challenging, but incredibly rewarding way to use a bicycle. There are many different destinations in the Forest worth sharing, but for now I'll describe my most recent trip: the High Steel Bridge over the Skokomish.

My First Dam Ride

This was "Mom's weekend away", and I wanted to visit the Coulee Dam area in Eastern Washington. Planning a point-to-point trip was too challenging for the time I had -- the wide-open spaces are too wide and too open. So I stayed in a hotel at Coulee Dam and did two day trips.


Seattle to Port Townsend

The ride from downtown Seattle to Port Townsend is nothing shy of stunning. In just over fifty miles one winds along the island waterways of the Puget Sound and skirts the peninsula with the Olympic Mountain Range, topped with annual glaciers and deep evergreen forests. A summer and early fall highlight is to time one’s arrival in Port Townsend with their amazing Saturday farmers market. There you’ll find an incredible cornucopia of breads, local cheeses, oysters, fresh fish, and greens, all produced and harvested in the regions through which you’ll have pedaled.

Green Mountain State Forest, Washington

Climbing to the vistaI credit Grant Petersen and the Rivendell website for inspiring me to combine two thing I enjoy, biking and camping, in the form of a S24O (sub 24-hour overnight). I live in Seattle and one of my favorite bike camping destinations is Green Mountain State Forest.