Entries for month: March 2011

Family trip on the Farmington River Valley Trail -- Connecticut

One of my favorite trips this past year was our family’s first outing on the Farmington River Valley Trail in Farmington, Connecticut. This trail is perfect for families with small children. You can ride as little or as long as you like, with wonderful amenities spaced out on the trail every few miles. There are also a multitude of diversions and attractions within a few miles of the trail.

Relearning the Lesson: Two Day Trip on the Great Divide

One of my very favorite stretches of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route — which happens to lie close to where I live — is the 90 miles separating Lima, Montana, and Big Springs, Idaho. On the most recent occasion I pedaled this stretch, I went south to north, riding solo...

Overnight nirvana on the edge of Silicon Valley

Back when I lived in San Francisco, I pulled together an overnight bike trip with three key objectives in mind: hot tubbing on the Pacific Coast; enjoying a mix of on-road and dirt cycling; and grabbing some of the best olallieberry pie in the world.

Love touring but time challenged?

In the 2007 Adventure Cyclist article, S24Os: Bicycle camping for the time challenged (pdf), Grant Petersen (founder of Rivendell Bicycle Works) shares his thoughts on why short overnight tours are easy and fun. Grant originally coined the term "S24O" or Sub-24 Hour Overnight.

Falling in Love on Skalkaho Pass - Montana

Josh and I met at Adventure Cycling in the spring of 2008, we were both 26. I know we seem so together now: cat owners, blog keepers, world travelers, and we make pizza from scratch like once a month, but things were different back then. Neither of us had much experience bicycle touring, or, actually, experience with one another, when we decided to spend our long 4th of July weekend bike touring over Skalkaho Pass. We’d been dating for about two months.