Thanksgiving on the San Francisco Riviera

When my husband Dick and I bought our touring bikes last year, we didn't really have a plan. I suspected we'd set out for credit-card type tours, and we still may. But so far, our overnight bike trips don't fit any of the models listed above. I call them "bicycle getaways," two- to four-day trips, more urban than many touring trips. We utilize transit to increase our travel ranges, and overnight in luxury accommodations. Ideally, a hotel with fuzzy robes in the rooms and great restaurants nearby.

Photo of the Week 01.10.14

From The Sauerkraut Route: Rural North Dakota, by Joel Bickford.

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Photo of the Week 01.03.14

Rippling ridges. From Lake James, North Carolina, by Julie White.

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The Rectangle Ride: Bloated Fish & Butt Raisins

"The Rectangle Ride" is a 110-mile route that starts in Arlington, Washington, heads east to Darrington, north to Rockport, west to Sedro-Woolley, and then loops back south to Arlington. It was a perfect, autumnal weekend for a rectangular ride with spectacular company.

Photo of the Week 12.20.13

From Strawberry Moon, by Becca Book; photograph by Brad Wenner.

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Racing Buggies in Amish Country

Shortly after turning onto Township Road 362, we zoomed downhill past a horse-drawn buggy driven by two teenage boys. And, boys being boys, they gave chase. (Or at least we think they did.) We rolled by tranquil green countryside occupied by well-kept farms, and the sound of the horses' hooves pounding the pavement stayed behind us. "I think they are gaining on us!" I shouted to Nance.