Photo of the Week 03.07.14


Turner Falls. From Bicycling Bliss in Oklahoma, by Danna Korak.

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Great Britain's Grand Union Canal

My usual Saturday morning visit to a community garden is cut short, due to some lingering dark clouds on the horizon, and the anticipation of riding far enough out of London that day that I’d find somewhere comfortable to camp the night. My target was the Grand Union Canal, starting from where it meets the Thames River at Brentford. 

San Francisco to Point Reyes Sky Camp

Last March I was the event host for a trip from San Francisco to Point Reyes with the NorCal Bicycle Touring and Camping Meetup. We ended up getting six people together for the trip, all from San Francisco and Berkeley, except for one coming in from Sacramento. I had picked up a camping permit for Sky Camp at about two months earlier. March is still the rainy season in San Francisco , so we felt lucky to have a weekend of sunny weather predicted.

Photo of the Week 2.21.14


From A Grand Adventure on Michigan's U.P., by Dave Battista.

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Ogden to Provo, Utah: Car, Bus, Train, and Bikes!

Antsy to get out and tour one last time before the snow flew, we were looking for someplace within reasonable driving distance of home in Denver with dry weather and plenty of amenities. When Pete first suggested Utah, I was skeptical, thinking it was all about mountain biking. Sure looks that way when you Google "bicycling and Utah." But after some map-studying and conversations with bike/ped coordinators, we settled on the Salt Lake Valley, from Ogden to Provo.

Photo of the Week 02.14.14

How about this for Valentine's Day? From A Trip to the Treehouses by Kent Peterson.

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Fire and Rain in Texas!

Eight hours into our trip we were there, huddled under the picnic table's awning, watching flames gobble up the raindrops as they fell to Earth. Our fire cast its glow upon our two campsites which, by this time, had turned from a nice place to rest for the weekend into a quagmire whose mud pit was ready to suck the shoes off any unsuspecting camper. Fortunately for us, we were all barefoot.