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A Nevada Bike Overnight: That Little Meadow Above Reno Off Hunter Lake Road

This outing was your textbook overnight bike adventure. We packed our bikes, dogs, dinner, and camping gear and rode an hour into the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. We camped in a meadow overlooking Reno.

A New Year's Bike Overnight

We turned our annual New Year's Day ride into an overnighter. Belleplain State Forest to Cape May, NJ to East Point Light House, and back to BellePlain. 80 miles and a great start to 2016.

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It’s likely that this is old news to you, but BikeOvernights.org is a free resource provided by Adventure Cycling Association. As much as we hate to intrude on your regularly scheduled tale of Bike Overnight adventure, we are proud of each and every one of our 47,000 (and growing) members, and we want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being a member.

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As you may know, BikeOvernights.org is an initiative of Adventure Cycling Association, the premier bicycle-travel organization in North America. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about some recent happenings at the organization, 46,500 members strong and growing.

A Primer on Camping Stoves

What makes a good stove for bicycle touring? First, the stove has to be small and light. I've seen some stoves that weigh a ton. For the most part, they work great, but mostly disqualify themselves because of the weight. Next, fuel has to be available. If a stove runs on canisters that you can find only in certain large cities, that's not going to do you much good. The most readily available fossil fuel, automotive gas, isn't very good for your health or for your stove, so try to stay away from that as an option.

How-to: Enter the Bicycle Travel Video Contest

Early last September, Adventure Cycling Association's media director, Winona Bateman, wrote in her News, Networking, and New Media column that over the previous six months she'd been corresponding with Blanche van der Meer (shown above) about the idea of lanching a video contest to celebrate and energize the booming trend in bike-travel documentaries. "Blanche moderates the very successful WorldCycles Video group on Vimeo," Winona wrote, "which has attracted more than 1,600 submissions! She has seen firsthand the growing enthusiasm for bicycle-travel videos."

Their discussions were fruitful, and they've spawned Adventure Cycling's first-ever Bicycle Travel Video Contest, in collaboration with WorldCycle Videos. The contest is up and running on Vimeo, and video submissions will be accepted in the following categories through February 28, 2013:

Best Long Distance Tour Video: Submit your best narrative or experimental video about a long-distance bike tour. Submissions must not exceed 7 minutes in length.

Best Portrait of a Traveling Cyclist: Submit your best narrative or experimental video portrait of a touring cyclist. Self-portraits are acceptable. Submissions must not exceed 5 minutes.

And, last but not least ...

Best Bike Overnight Video: Submit your best narrative or experimental video about a one- to two-night bike tour. Submissions must capture the experience of a one- to two-night tour, not one or two nights of a longer tour, and must not exceed 3 minutes in length.

All videos will be considered for the Bike Travel Spirit Award, which will be awarded by the judges to the video that best captures the spirit of bike travel and touring. All videos will also be eligible for the People's Choice Award, awarded to the video with the most "likes" on Vimeo.

Click on this link to learn in greater detail how to enter, and to become acquainted with our panel of ten volunteer judges. And read these three guest posts by three of those judges for some great advice and ideas: What Makes a Good Bicycle Travel Video, by Blanche van der Meer; Bicycle Travel Videos: The Art of Storytelling, by Tom Allen; and How to Make a Bicycle Touring Video, by Friedel Grant.

Finally, for some live-footage inspiration, view these Bike Overnight videos, one each by our talented pair of "couple" judges:

Portland to Ainsworth State Park, Oregon, by Russ Roca and Laura Crawford of The Path Less Pedaled


Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, by Michelle Cassel and Ryan McAfee of America ByCycle:


We can't wait to see the amazing places and people that you've captured by video. Lights, camera ... bicycle-travel action!

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