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Travel Tip: Let's hear it for rail-trails!

Three weeks ago I posted a piece at my Adventure Cycling Biking Without Borders blog titled Flat's Where It's At: My 10 Favorite Rail-Trails. While I didn't exactly pull these ten trails out of a hat, I do admit that I haven't personally experienced them all.

Marin County Sampler

I wanted something short yet challenging to tour with my recumbent trike for the first time. I picked Marin County, north of San Francisco. I used to ride there a lot, but it had been a few years. I chose to start in San Rafael because I could park my car at my aunt and uncle’s place and get to see them. I decided to ride to Point Reyes Station because it has the Bovine Bakery, the Station House Cafe, and lodging. When my friend Pia heard about my plans, she immediately signed on to join me.

Photo of the Week 01.04.12

From Bike Camping the Clackamas by Matt Picio.

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A Backpacker Discovers Bike Overnights

I’m kind of new to the loaded bike touring thing. On October 21-22, 2011, I did a solo overnight in the Flint Hills, an east central section of Kansas that has largely escaped the plow and is tallgrass prairie land with few roads. Big and open. Cattle country. Living in eastern Kansas, I always felt adventure should be here. Loaded touring is a nice way to get it.