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An Awesome Gal and Her Awesome Pup

Since my border collie came to live with me a few months ago, I have been learning how to incorporate a dog into my car-free lifestyle. I had a bike respite coming up, and I didn’t want to leave my four-legged friend out of the fun. So I’ve been figuring out how to tow a dog on an overnight. In preparation for a longer self-contained bicycle trip, Astro and I scheduled a mid-August shakedown overnight last summer.

Photo of the Week 12.07.12

From To the Sugar Shack and Back: An Alberta Overnight, by Dave Buchanan. This story has generated the most comments out of any of the 100+ Bike Overnight stories that have posted over the past two years.

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Four Days with an Almost 4-Year-Old

As a family, we had participated in a few organized day-ride events for charity. The kind where there are cookie and fruit breaks every 10 miles or so. Could our family of three transition from a SAG-supported, group atmosphere to a multi-day, self-supported bike overnight? Our son Clayton was a month shy of four years old. He loves his Weehoo bike trailer and the adventure of riding and seeing new things. From the beginning, we suspected he was up for the challenge; however, were we as his parents ready?