Entries for month: January 2013

Coming of Age on the Lake Wobegon Trail

Since they were toddlers, the grandchildren have ridden behind us, first in carts, then child seats, then on Trail-A-Bikes. Now, as we pedal through St. Joseph, Minnesota, to the Lake Wobegon Trailhead, fifteen-year-old Brandon takes the lead. His eleven-year-old sister, Nora, is on her own bike next to Linda and me on our tandem. Nora shifts gears and stands on her pedals to catch up to her brother. It strikes me that this year I’m seeing them ahead of me more often than looking back for them.

Photo of the Week 01.04.13

From The Sauerkraut Route: Rural North Dakota, by Joel Bickford. Adventure Cycling photo by Chuck Haney.

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