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Join Adventure Cycling and Light Up Your Life

As you may know, BikeOvernights.org is an initiative of Adventure Cycling Association, the premier bicycle-travel organization in North America. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about some recent happenings at the organization, 46,500 members strong and growing.

Photo of the Week 06.21.13

From A Kid's First Overnight, by Todd Murdock.

Visit the Bike Overnights Flickr Group, where we recently had our 150th member sign on.

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Bicycle Camping at the Parma Motor-Vu Drive-In, Idaho

I am worried about falling asleep close to the large truck parked next to my sleeping bag. Usually I don’t close my eyes and lay my head next to vehicle tires, because of vivid stories I've heard about sleepy pets getting squashed beneath the tread. Four hours of pedaling in 90-degree summer heat from Boise to Parma, Idaho, followed by several mugs of wine, has turned a double feature into barely a single feature. My eyelids grow heavy. I fear I’m making the same mistake as Shirley, the dead family pet.

Photo of the Week 06.14.13

From Cape Cod Bridges and Bays, by John Sullivan.

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Escaping the Bright Lights of Las Vegas

Think sin city is all about the sex, booze, and gambling? Well, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, it is. But step away from the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas strip and you will find an abundance of resources for the outdoor enthusiast, all within a 45-minute drive in just about any direction. Go east and you can play in the waters of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and the Colorado River; head northwest and you can hit the slopes of 11,000-foot Mount Charleston; if you’re a hiker, Valley of Fire to the north and Red Rock Canyon to the west are sure to quench your appetite for stunning rock formations and authentic desert hiking.

Photo of the Week 06.07.13

From Biking Mountain Canyons of Northern Colorado, by Michael McGrath.

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Bicycling Bliss in Oklahoma

Our bike overnight is a quick, full-speed ahead ride to the clear-blue waters at Lake Murray State Park in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The best description I can provide for this destination location is “paradise."