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Strawberry Moon

On one particularly warm and sunny Oakland morning, we gathered up a group of six friends and to strike off across the Golden Gate Bridge toward Bolinas. We met at Awaken Cafe in downtown Oakland to fuel up our caffeine-powered pedaling machines, and hopped aboard BART for San Francisco. We disembarked at Embarcadero Station, and navigated through hordes of rather confused-looking Giants fans off to a Saturday baseball game before finally getting on the road and heading toward the Golden Gate Bridge.

Photo of the Week 07.26.13

From Escaping the Bright Lights of Las Vegas, by Corey Dalpee.

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The Covered Bridges of Sugar Creek

It looks different today ... much different. This cool water flows by me now on its long, slow amble to the Gulf, first meeting the Wabash River, and then joining up with the Ohio River and finally the Mississippi. This is Sugar Creek as I see it today, spanning perhaps a couple hundred feet as it nears its confluence with the Wabash, after carrying canoes and kayaks through a couple of state parks and draining 807 square miles of farm fields and other land of excess water. It certainly didn’t look like this yesterday when I left my home in Sugar Creek Township of Clinton County, near the headwaters of Sugar Creek and only one good day’s bike ride to the northeast.

Photo of the Week 07.19.13

From An Awesome Gal and Her Awesome Pup, by Amanda Lipsey.

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Angeles Forest/Inspiration Point

This bike camping adventure took place along the route of the Mount Lowe Railway, which ran from 1893 to 1936. It served a resort area on Echo Mountain; one could take the railroad to various lodges in the mountains. If you like climbing hills and mountains for five hours on a dirt road with an extra added weight of 30 pounds, then this is the adventure for you.

Photo of the Week 07.12.13


From The Road to Pescadero, by Jerome Lissman.

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St. Louis Solo, On A Single Speed

As a bicyclist, I feel it is my duty to spread the word about the benefits and cost savings of riding a bicycle. As an African American, I want to show a more diverse view of bicycling than the one I currently see. The title for this ride came to me long before I started it, and for weeks the details unfolded before me, creating the template of how I would achieve it. I am riding my single speed road bike from my home in the suburbs all the way into downtown St. Louis using only pedal power. Although the destination is important, I want to highlight the journey to show that safe transport by bicycle can take place on the streets shared by automobile traffic.