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The High Point of Arkansas

There hasn't been a Bike Overnight posted for the state of Arkansas yet, so I'll describe the route of my favorite one. The ride originates from my home near Russellville. The destination is the highest point in the state at Mount Magazine, 65 miles away. I return via another route on day two, approximately 57 miles.

Photo of the Week 09.27.13

Photo of two-headed moose from Knitting Club Tackles Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, by Julie Huck.

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Illinois Beach State Park

People always ask me how many bikes I have. Right now, it’s the bare minimum. Three. When I follow that answer with something like, “Well, one of them is my touring bike,” I get all nostalgic and guilty because I haven’t put in the miles on that sucker that I should. I’ve logged a few thousand miles on my Long Haul Trucker, on everything from rando-style road rides to a month-long hump down the Pacific Coast. But here in Chicago, it’s tough. 

Photo of the Week 09.20.13

From The Covered Bridges of Sugar Creek, by Alan Gossard.

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A Weekend Escape from D.C.

High on my 2013 list of adventures was a bike overnight – my first since our 2008 three-day trek from Boston to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Though I was longing for an extended trip, an overnight was much more manageable with our busy schedule. The Adventure Cycling Association’s Bike Overnights page really pushed the point further with the tagline “Don’t wait to go cross country. Go overnight."


Photo of the Week 09.13.13

Dinner on the trail. From Getting Away From It All--In Crowded Holland, by Friedel Grant.

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Twin Cities Western Suburbs Beer Tour

Someone recently asked me about our anticipated bike adventure, which led to me trying to explain the concept of ultralight bike touring. The following exchange ensued:

Q.  So, you like, carry all your stuff on your bike and go camping?
A.  Yeah, that's generally the idea.
Q.  You ever done this before?
A.  No, not at all.
Q.  But you basically refinanced your house in order to buy two titanium mountain bikes?
A.  Yes, correct.
Q.  So you bought these bikes, plus a bunch of equipment, but you've never toured, nor do you know if you'll even enjoy it?
A.  Yeah ... (awkward silence)