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"Soul Packed Up," An Angelic Overnight

My problem has never been unable-to-go but unable-to-decide-where-to-go; there are so many options nearby that I've been paralyzed by indecision. But finally an online article caught my eye: Angel Island State Park in San Francisco Bay.

Camp Mountain via Bunyaville, Australia

Great ideas come from somewhere. There are three ‘movements’ in the having-fun-on-a-bike space that I think are pretty cool, and of course I’m all about adapting these ideas to suit me.

Photo of the Week 03.21.14

From Great Britain's Grand Union Canal, by Guy Pringle.

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Ride Around the Silver Island Mountains

This small but mighty mountain range borders the Bonneville Salt Flats, with its famed raceway. Rising steeply out of the salt flats, the Silver Island Mountains' highest peak is over 7,500 feet high. These craggy mountains exhibit many interesting types of rock formations, which we would know more about if we were geologists instead of mountain bikers. But we were there to ride.

Circumnavigation of Mt. Greylock

I did a shakedown tour on my Salsa Vaya to prepare it for a longer multiday tour in the fall. Anyway, what better way to see the region where I live than by bike?

Photo of the Week 03.07.14


Turner Falls. From Bicycling Bliss in Oklahoma, by Danna Korak.

Have you checked out Bike Overnights on Flickr? A total of 727 photos have been posted by 187 members over there.


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Great Britain's Grand Union Canal

My usual Saturday morning visit to a community garden is cut short, due to some lingering dark clouds on the horizon, and the anticipation of riding far enough out of London that day that I’d find somewhere comfortable to camp the night. My target was the Grand Union Canal, starting from where it meets the Thames River at Brentford.