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Little Elbow to Mount Romulus -- A Girl's Adventure with Grammy

When I think back to the things I did with my grandmother, my memories are of baking cookies, playing cards, or listening to her read the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales. My grandchildren, I think, will have much different recollections of their time spent with me.

A Teen and Her Mum Pedal to Pigeon Lake, Alberta

My first overnight bike trip was not what I expected, although I'm not sure what I had imagined in the first place. The idea began when I told my mum about some dreams of someday spending a whole week living off my bike. After hearing that she was definitely excited, and she suggested we try an overnight trip before thinking about something longer. With that it began.

To the Sugar Shack and Back: An Alberta Overnight

What had I been thinking? I sat in the ditch with my exhausted ten-year-old son, Max, chugging Gatorade and sucking on gel packs, our be-panniered bikes splayed on the grass beside us. We were attempting our first ever bike trip together, an overnight from our home in west Edmonton, Alberta, to a campground in the town of Devon, about 35 km (that’s about 20 miles) southwest of the city, on mostly country roads. Things went swimmingly for the first 20 km; sure, we took lots of breaks—for water, Clif bars, even to check out a playground we passed—but the pace was steady, respectable. I was sure we’d make it.