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Wait for Permission: Tale of a Novice Leader

First, I came up with a tour. Next, I invited some buddies to come along. Then, I worried.

The tour grew out of my fascination with a historic tale and trail: the three-month trek of Mary Rowlandson, who, kidnapped by Indians in 1675’s King Philip War, walked with them to the far reaches of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. After years of research, I had pieced together enough of their route to create a four-day bike tour.



Bikepacking to Backcountry Huts in Colorado

A few years ago, we decided to try our hand at a summer hut trip to backcountry ski cabins with mountain bikes as our mode of transportion. The logistics were a little different than a winter tour as bikes aren't allowed in the wilderness areas. We had to carefully plan our route, and make sure our fitness level was good enough for the long mileage, high altitude and extra weight of our gear.

Dreams of Herons on the I & M Canal Towpath

Though the boy is pushing his Trail-A-Bike’s pedals for all he’s worth, we still can’t make it up the sharp slope from the parking lot at Channahon State Park onto the Illinois & Michigan Canal Tow Path. He’s only eight years old; his locomotive contribution is marginal at best and negative on ascents. I stand on my pedals, but the rear wheel just spins in the loose gravel and I quickly put a foot down to keep the bicycle upright.

On the Trail Again: Newport, KY to Xenia, OH

I had done this trip so many times before but this was the first time since my crash. I had ridden through the winter taking just a month to recover. Still, I wasn't sure how I would feel.

My First Dam Ride

This was "Mom's weekend away", and I wanted to visit the Coulee Dam area in Eastern Washington. Planning a point-to-point trip was too challenging for the time I had -- the wide-open spaces are too wide and too open. So I stayed in a hotel at Coulee Dam and did two day trips.


Texas Mountain Ride!

The mountains in Far West Texas are a surprise to most people, and they provide easy climbs and thrilling descents through charming small communities with real cowboys and ranchers. We’ve got a great three-day ride through unspoiled mountain scenery, in the historic path of Comanche and Buffalo Soldiers and modern hipsters, on smooth roads with no traffic. Sound good?

Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo to Paso Robles

Union Station in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, is perhaps the last place you would consider starting a bicycle tour. However, in the 6 years Laura and I have been bicycle touring, many of our trips have started by taking an Amtrak train from Union Station to points beyond. The Amtrak Surfliner in California -- which runs from San Diego to San Luis Obispo -- lets you take your bike on board without having to box it.