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The Isle of Adventure: A Bike Overnight on the U.K.'s Isle of Wight

A taster into cycle touring in the south of the United Kingdom, channeling the Famous Five with bikes and tents ...

Piccadilly to Piccadilly: An Off-Road Odyssey Down England's Backbone

Cycle tours need to grab your imagination right from moment they pop into your head. It was like that in 2012 when I decided to cycle across the USA. This time it was about cycling between two destinations I often do by train, with the added bonus of being almost entirely off road.

Great Britain's Grand Union Canal

My usual Saturday morning visit to a community garden is cut short, due to some lingering dark clouds on the horizon, and the anticipation of riding far enough out of London that day that I’d find somewhere comfortable to camp the night. My target was the Grand Union Canal, starting from where it meets the Thames River at Brentford. 

Milton Keynes to Fringford by Bike: A Cycling Microadventure

It all started with me moving to the reasonably cycle-friendly city of Milton Keynes. Then it was riding to and from work now and again. Then it was commuting by bike every day. And then I would read about cyclists on multi-day, multi-month cycle tours across Europe or the United States. And it would make me think: I want to give that a go … but in a bite-sized chunk first.

The C2C is a Must to Cycle

A few years ago my English friends, Don Mahad and Susan Dawson, told me that they had completed a ride called the “C2C," from the Irish Sea in the west to the North Sea in the east. When I asked them how the ride was, they said something like “challenging.” Well, now I know that when two strong 30-something cyclists use the word “challenging,” it means something quite different than what it means to me as a 68-year recreational cyclist. After I did the ride in August 2008, I chuckled at their reference -- it was downright strenuous for me. But, I’d also say that it was well worth the effort.