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A Bike Overnight with Charlie


Adventure is our business, and business is good, especially with a bike-traveling two-year-old.

Iowa: Oh, there's nothing half way ...

Adventure abounds on Iowa's many beautiful trails. We explored the Raccoon River Valley Trail, rode a moonlight ride on the High Trestle Trail, cruised trails in Des Moines, and more in one long weekend.

No Better Father's Day: Bicycles and Ice Cream

What did I want for Father's day? Only two things (clearly, this dad is a selfish and demanding and specific kind of guy): Ride my bike, always a given; and go camping. The ten- and eight-year-old sons had been hearing since March that camping at least one night per month April through October was a goal for the year. Between spring 2013’s refusal to let go of less desirable elements and the boys’ participation in the Great American Pastime, we hadn’t so much as driven a single tent stake. This weekend, however, would not get away.  

Harvesting the Fall Bounty in Iowa

It’s a given that bicyclists need plenty of fuel to power their engines. The late summer-early fall harvest is also some of the best bicycling weather in Iowa. Fall in Iowa is what makes the summer's heat and humidity worth enduring. The colors of the foliage, the light as it dances over the partly harvested fields, and the bounty of the season, all make this the favorite of many bicyclists. On a recent weekend, my partner and I hit the road for a little overnight trip to enjoy the end of the season.