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North To Kittery

With three days to get from Newport, RI to Kittery, ME, I opted out of public transportation, loaded up my Surly Long Haul Trucker, and had myself a New England experience.

Boston to Portland

I had been patiently waiting for one of my kids to be ready for a bicycle tour. Finally, the six-year-old really wanted to spend the weekend on such a trip. Boston to Portland is a great introduction to bicycle touring: The route is generally flat with long stretches of bicycle trails away from cars, there are many beaches to stop and play at -- and, of course, it doesn't hurt that there are plenty of ice-cream shops along the way.

Circumnavigation of Mt. Greylock

I did a shakedown tour on my Salsa Vaya to prepare it for a longer multiday tour in the fall. Anyway, what better way to see the region where I live than by bike?

Cape Cod Bridges and Bays

To feed the monster -- the need to tour, that is -- Saturday morning Brandon and I will leave Fairhaven, Massachusetts, for the back road journey to the Cape Cod Canal. We will cross the Bourne Bridge, ride the cape side of the canal to Sandwich, and tent camp at Shawme Crowell State Forest. We were going to go Friday, but I have my high school reunion that evening.

A New Year's Cycle-Celebration in Central Mass.

While I’m relatively new to bike touring -- I’ve now got three trips under my belt, with the longest at five days -- I consider myself a pretty adventurous biker. Therefore, my fiancé Rachel, who is a less adventurous yet generally game cyclist, was not surprised when I suggested we spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day on an overnight trip. I was pleased that she agreed.

Wait for Permission: Tale of a Novice Leader

First, I came up with a tour. Next, I invited some buddies to come along. Then, I worried.

The tour grew out of my fascination with a historic tale and trail: the three-month trek of Mary Rowlandson, who, kidnapped by Indians in 1675’s King Philip War, walked with them to the far reaches of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. After years of research, I had pieced together enough of their route to create a four-day bike tour.