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A Desert Escape in New Mexico

This is a simple out-and-back ride from Las Cruces, NM to Leasburg Dam State Park to enjoy the peace of the blooming desert and the company of a good bike-travel friend.

A New Mexico Century ... in Two Days

What would you do if the editor-in-chief of a local paper emailed you with the question: “Are you riding the century this Sunday?” Oh, and you’ve hardly ridden more than 15 miles at a stretch during the last few months. And, it’s Friday, two days before the ride. This was my first contact with Mr. Lee James. I had sent him a bundle of ideas, sample clips, and a resume earlier in the week. Maybe I’m jumping the gun thinking he wants a story. Maybe he’s just looking for a riding buddy. But it quickly got me thinking about what’s possible off the couch. The first time I rode 100 miles was this same event, but that was twelve years ago, and I trained for ten weeks, following Bicycling magazine’s schedule.