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North Carolina's Bike-In Camp at Jordan Lake

For 2017’s Bike Travel Weekend, I rode greenways through Cary, North Carolina and then some country roads to reach this lakeside campground at the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area.

Hickory, NC to Mount Mitchell

Kurt rode 100 miles with 10,000+ feet of climbing from Hickory, NC to Mount Mitchell.

Oak City Overnight, North Carolina

A friend recently alerted me to an overnight bike trip being organized by a local independent bike shop. We’ve both been interested in expanding our camping skills to include travel by bicycle. He was unable to go, but I seized the opportunity to end my procrastination and get an S24O (sub-24-hour overnight) under my belt.

A Blue Ridge-Virginia Creeper Adventure

Two of my favorite places to bicycle are the Blue Ridge Parkway, a 469-mile road managed by the National Park Service, and the Virginia Creeper Trail, a 34-mile rail-trail conversion between Abingdon and Whitetop, Virginia. I was planning a two-night camping trip and I kept trying to choose which one I wanted to ride. Then it occurred to me that I didn’t need to choose; I could ride part of both.

Lake James, North Carolina

Each year my in-laws spend a week at a friend’s house in Jonas Ridge near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Jim and I usually go spend a night with them and I often will ride my bike up there or back. This year I decided to do a short tour there with an overnight at one of my favorite North Carolina State Parks. Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny. The forecast for the next two days was sunny, warm, and only a 10 percent chance of rain.

Falls Lake, North Carolina

We cancelled this trip once. Originally scheduled for March, the plan was to get a group campsite at Falls Lake State Recreation Area and invite some folks to pedal the 20-ish miles out to the lake with me. But the fickle North Carolina spring shifted quickly from unseasonably warm to seasonably miserable so we pulled the plug and successfully averted a cold and wet bike overnight. The people with NC State Parks were quite accommodating, and we were able to reschedule for early June, a timeframe that was nearly certain to be a bit more pleasant. "More pleasant" turned out to be an understatement. We saw a repeat of the March weather pattern, unseasonably warm through the week ending in a seasonable weekend, finding that it is a far better formula for a June camping trip than it would be for a March trip. In fact, we enjoyed perfect weather for our bike overnight.

Durham overnight

Great post on PathLessPedaled.com from our friend Russ Roca on an overnight adventure in Durham, North Carolina, last fall. Check it out!