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Keep it Simple in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Riding backroads from Knoxville, TN to the north side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Stefan joined his wife at their rented cabin and they toured the Park together the next morning in their car. Then, Stefan rode home, returning early on Sunday afternoon.

Percy Priest Lake to Center Hill Lake, Tennessee

My thought process for this ride was simple: Leave the car at home, and ride somewhere nice for an overnight that's a minimum of 50 miles away. I looked at the map and quickly noticed the "lake to lake" possibility as an option. Done, now let's gather the goods and begin riding. This is a solo trip for me. If you go with friends or family members, you can share the load and it won't be as heavy for any one person.


Two Days on the Natchez Trace

When we lived in Brentwood -- a suburb just outside of Nashville, Tennessee -- 'RandoGirl' and I took this two-day tour a couple of times. Most of it is on the Natchez Trace, a federal road closed to commercial traffic and carefully maintained by the National Park Service, making it a truly superb bicycle route. It makes for an easy self-supported tour; you can follow the route either to one of two bed and breakfasts, or to a full-amenities campground. By following the "off-Trace" part of the route, you'll go by a great country store for lunch, and a fine little winery for an afternoon break.

Big Ride to Big Ridge, Tennessee

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the obvious place to get a wilderness fix for residents of Knoxville, Tennessee. Just a short trip down the road and you have big wilderness, wild animals, and great views -- but these great features also bring great numbers of tourists. That's why, when we had a free weekend, we decided to go and explore Big Ridge State Park. Big Ridge is an awesome short tour because of its close proximity to Knoxville (about 35 miles from downtown), the excellent roads available to ride en route, and the facilities, scenery, and attraction of the park itself.