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Moose Alley Ride: A Vermont Bike Overnight

We rode down a beautiful road in prime moose habitat.

My First Bike Overnight in Vermont

I kept it simple and rode from my home in Brattleboro to a B&B in Chester, Vermont. Oh, and it happened on Bike Travel Weekend!

Lake Champlain by Bike and Ferry

Five of us traveled to Burlington, Vermont, for a 2½-day bicycle tour around (and over) Lake Champlain, one of the most popular cycling destinations in the state.

Hazen's Notch/Lake Carmi Bike Overnight

Dry, summer-like temperatures and peak foliage in the Green Mountains are a perfect match. With the impetus to visit Hazen's Notch and Lake Carmi—two Vermont regions I'd longed to explore—there's no time like the present for a bike ride. At 7 a.m. I step off the commuter bus into dense fog. I don a reflective vest and start pedaling. In Johnson I make sure to photograph the cool bike racks.

Bike Camp! Waterbury and Middlebury Gap

Although we have been biking forever, this was the first bike camping/touring ride for our party of three: The Dashingly Handsome Nate, the Ever Laughing Red, and myself, the Ginger Kiwi. The plan, a 2.5-day loop from Burlington, Vermont, south down Route 100, over Middlebury Gap, and back up Route 116. Easy, right?

A Woman on Her Own in Vermont

The Green Mountains of Vermont are a wonderful place for a bike tour. I found a 100-mile loop with campgrounds about 50 miles apart. It is hard to get a campground on the weekends in New England on short notice, so I went mid-week instead. The ride traveled along valleys so it wasn't particularly hilly -- no large mountains to climb.

An Easy Vermont S24O

My sister says I'm cheating. The friend I'll be meeting at the campground will be driving all my gear there. And I'm only riding halfway back before my son picks me up so I can make a 5:00 "meeting" of former coworkers at a local watering hole. But the point is, I'm riding my bike to a campground, sleeping in a tent overnight, and riding my bike at least partway home the next day, which to my mind is all I need to do to qualify for an S24O (Sub-24 Hour Overnight), my first.