About Bill Born

I am a pastor, a musician, and a farmer. I commute to work by bike once a week. I live in a 127-year-old farmhouse and upkeep a ten-acre orange grove in beautiful Redlands, California. I developed a love for cycling in college, and after I read a friend's journal about their cycle tour of the Pacific Coast, I was hooked! I toured southeastern Alaska by bike via the ferry system after my first year of teaching. The next summer I went back to Alaska and toured the state north to south. Once married to my wife, Julie, we spent our first anniversary touring the San Juan Islands. A few years later we headed to Europe for a month, touring England, Scotland, and Holland, where her family came from in the early 1900s. After our first son was born, we went back and toured the Canadian Gulf Islands with him in tow at two years of age. Since adding three more children and making a career change that meant giving up the long summer vacations, cycle touring has taken a hiatus. But we still pull the bikes out and cycle down to the local bakery most Saturday mornings.

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