About Grant Petersen

Grant Petersen founded Rivendell Bicycle Works in 1994. Here's how he describes himself: "Main jobs are writing the Reader and catalogs and designing/developing the bikes and picking the stuff we offer. Disorganized, well-intentioned, clean but personally and organizationally on the disheveled side of things. Good for general and technical questions, but tend to let things related to following up slip through the cracks. Try hard, but tend to give confusing, complicated, overly detailed answers to simple questions, all under the banner of 'helping.' Lose sight of the big picture when I focus on minor 'now!'-type details."  Self-deprecating though he may be, Grant wrote the January 2007 Adventure Cyclist magazine article S24Os: Bicycle camping for the time challenged (pdf), which helped inspire the Bike Overnights website.

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