About Janet LaFleur

I’m a woman who owns a bike to suit her every mood, from dressing up for work on my Dutch bike, to carving down hills on my road bike, to hauling groceries across town on my errand bike, to cruising the trails on my custom mountain bike, to mixing it up racing cyclocross. My love affair with bicycles began with a crush on my first red tricycle that I pedaled in circles on the driveway. The crush grew into full-blown passion when my dad threw Stingray handlebars and a banana seat on my older sister's outgrown bicycle. A native of Louisiana, I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I’m blessed with good weather, interesting terrain, and a tolerance for eccentricity that suits me just fine. My husband Dick and I love everything about bikes: The wind in our faces, the slower pace that allows us to truly see places, and the way we feel better after even a short spin.

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