About Jeff Olson

Jeff Olson has spent most of his life trying to create better connections between people and nature. He grew up in suburbia, where he saw how quickly a landscape of open space could become a placeless sprawl...and realized that better planning and design were the keys to the future. Jeff studied architecture and public policy, but there were two experiences that really shaped his vision: a year living in Rome, and a bike trip with friends between New York and Boston. He says, "I've worked in the non-profit, public and private sectors, but it has always been a vision of wanting to create a better world that has moved me forward." Jeff served as the first New York State DOT bike/pedestrian program manager, and then went on to lead the US Millennium Trails program before joining Alta. "I love my family, bicycling and skiing...creating balance is the key to work and life. We're making the world a better place, one project at a time."

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