About Murray Fishel

Dr. Murray Fishel is a Life Member of Adventure Cycling Association who lives in the Cleveland area. Professionally, he is an Emeritus Professor of Political Science at Kent State University, where he served as a Professor for 25 years. Murray has also taught at the University of Denver, Kansas State University, and the University of Ife in Ibadan, Nigeria, where he spent a year as a Visiting Professor. "Since retiring from Kent in 1992," he says, "I have consulted with hundreds of candidates running for public office in 34 states ... and used my Bike Friday to allow me to ride in 42 states to date. Guess what's on the top of my bucket list?" Murray is also the co-author of Pedaling on the North Coast: Cycling the Streets of Greater Cleveland (Akron University Press, 2011). His slogan is "Ride to Eat."

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