About Walter Stovall

Walter Stovall lives in Decatur, Georgia. "I’m an avid bicyclist," he says. "No, I guess I’m obsessed with bicycles. I’ve biked off and on for most of my life." Nevertheless, Walter, now 52, says he increasingly finds joy, release, and comfort riding bicycles. He has quit driving a car altogether, and gets around either by bicycle or public transport. "During the last year, I've entered new dimensions with my biking," Walter says. "I used to be a road rider. Then I started commuting to work more and more. In the process, I began outfitting my bike as a touring bike, without really thinking of it in those terms. I was just equipping it to carry more and more stuff, like office clothes, lunch, repair tools, spare tubes, and so forth." Now a bona fide bicycle traveler, Walter rides a Surly Long Haul Disc Trucker, sometimes for weeks on end.

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