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The Adventure Cycling Route Network features more than 44,000 miles of cycling routes throughout North America. While many of their routes are long-distance oriented, Adventure Cycling's maps come in approximately bn 350-mile sections and can be used for shorter excursions. Check out the interactive network map.

The U.S. Bicycle Network (USBRS) has over 11,000 designated bicycle routes available to ride and more being added every year. Use this handy USBRS interactive map to help plan your ride. The map also includes roll-on service options from Amtrak. Eventually, U.S. Bicycle Route System will give you the ability to ride an officially numbered and signed bicycle route from your backyard to anywhere in the United States. When complete, the USBRS will encompass more than 50,000 miles of routes and create amazing new opportunities for cross-country travel, regional bicycle touring, and commuting by bicycle. This developing bicycle route network will not only create better riding conditions and more visibility for cycling across the country, it will also grow bicycle tourism and local economies with very little investment.

Ride with GPS - Ride, Record, Snap, and Share
Plan bicycle rides, bike routes and analyze performance data using google maps. See elevation profiles while you map then share with your friends. 

RIDE WITH GPS - For iPhone App
Looking for rock-solid GPS logging? What about support for cadence, heartrate and power peripherals? Come experience our passion to make riding easy, safe and fun for cyclists worldwide.

Contact the bicycle/pedestrian coordinator for your state and ask him or her about state bicycle maps.

Bike Camping at Stub Stewart State Park (Oregon) with Kids, found on Clever Cycles
This is something many Portland families can enjoy, so here’s the story.

Bike Camping in the Bay Area by Matthew Hoover, San Francisco Chronicle, Februrary 25, 2010 Camping out on a two-wheeler? It's easier and more rewarding than you think.

Bicycling to Mount Rainier and the Road to Ipsut Creek by Gene Bisbee on BikingBis, August 8, 2010
A free service of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy featuring more than 30,000 miles of bike trails, walking trails, equestrian trails, and hiking and running trails including interactive trail maps, trail descriptions, photos, reviews and more.
Search for a bike route in your area! Bikely helps cyclists share knowledge of good bicycle routes.

Permits/User Fee on Public Lands
Please note that most overnight locations welcome bicycle travelers but have various policies regarding advance reservations and required permits, particularly for large groups.  Be sure to check in advance.