How to Choose a Destination

Bicycle overnights are all about the destination, so the first step is to select one that's feasible and fun! It should be near enough for a comfortable ride both there and back. Figure no more than 50 miles unless you are planning to ride all day out and all day back. If you plan on starting in the afternoon, look for a destination even closer. If the distance you are contemplating sounds too far, it probably is. Look for a closer destination, or give yourself a head-start (more on that later).

Many local campgrounds make good destinations. Think of all the places that you might drive to for a weekend of camping, and you have some possible destinations for your bicycle overnight. If you have access to parks or forests that allow camping and off-road riding, consider doing an off-road bicycle overnight trip, stopping when you find an appealing camping site off the trail.

When you don’t feel like camping consider heading to a local inn or B&B, or maybe even a trip to visit friends and family. Don’t be afraid to be a tourist in your own backyard, especially if you never have. Just about any local overnight trip that you would use a car for can become a bicycle overnight.

As you are choosing your destination, consider also what you will do once you have arrived. For some, it will just be a quiet evening next to the campfire. For others, it will be a family outing with all of the traditional campground activities. Maybe it’s a chance to play in the river, or perhaps enjoy some stargazing away from the lights of the city. In many places there are music and other festivals that make great bicycle overnight trips. This is also an opportunity to be a tourist in your own backyard and to go do some of those things that you haven’t gotten around to yet because they are close by.

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Guest post by Sean Smith

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