The secrets of going small

In the Secrets of Going Small (pdf), Russ Roca outlines the joy and freedom of embarking on short bicycle tours. Featured in Adventure Cyclist magazine's annual Cyclists' Travel Guide.

"At first blush, bicycle touring can seem daunting. Especially when reading about epic treks in far-flung locales. Many would-be tourists are stopped dead in their tracks when contemplating bike equipment, logistics, camping, and the physical demands involved in touring. But here’s a secret: not every tour has to be an epic undertaking. If you wait until you have enough time off from work, or the perfect bike, or the lightest tent, or for every star to align to do that dream tour, you’ll never leave." Read more (pdf download).






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Winona Bateman, media director for Adventure Cycling Association

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DP - Apr 6, 2011 at 8:09 PM

I agree! My first trip was only 25 miles from home overnight in a state park. I had purchased a 2 wheel trailer, 25 lbs, to haul my gear which consisted of camping gear I had used for car camping, 55lbs!. I had a blast! Three weeks later I completed another overnighter covering 140 miles round trip. I have since downsized my gear a little (saved 20lbs). Point being you can start with what you have and adjust your load as finances and needs arise...

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