Treehouse B&B

Pressed for time, Mary and a friend celebrated National Bike Travel Weekend anyway with a quick trip to a friend’s treehouse, the “Treehouse B&B.”

Bicycle Adventurers: Mary rode with a bike friend of 30+ years. 

Mary’s background: Since 1977, Mary has been on 44 bike trips longer than a weekend, including following the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail with her husband for three weeks each year for four years. She’s done ten Adventure Cycling tours, five on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, and put nine of her own trips together, plus many other trips with commercial and nonprofit groups.

When: National Bike Travel Weekend, June 4-5, 2016.

Accommodations: The treehouse was the highlight of the trip and friends provided a sumptuous breakfast to go with it.

Distance: It was less than 10 miles each way, but what an adventure!

Bonus tip for this adventure:

  • Close does not have to be boring. Constrained for available time, we rode on Saturday afternoon, joined friends for dinner at an interesting restaurant, and returned Sunday morning.
  • People who wimp out because of rain may miss a great trip!

Note: This short overnight took place in New Jersey.

Day One

Saturday afternoon, we rode to the home of long-time friends whose daughter built a treehouse with her father. We were the first users of this “treehouse B&B.” Just as we were getting ready for a night’s sleep in the treehouse, we saw a skunk walk by underneath! But it was happy, so we were also.

Day Two

The forecast for the weekend was awful, including more than 12 hours of thunderstorms for Sunday. Although we did encounter some sprinkles, we never had to break out our rain gear. The moral, again — people who wimp out because of rain may miss a great trip.

Your favorite local bike shop? 

We have been customers of High Gear Cyclery since 1977. They have locations in Millburn and Stirling, NJ.

Bike overnight tips and tricks? 

  • We used Therm-a-Rest pads, bivvy sacks, and headnets for our night in the treehouse. The SOL Escape Bivvy was breathable on a hot humid night with showers.
  • I was able to skip using panniers, and fit everything in a rack pack.
  • My mini-flashlight with bendable legs was handy when we were getting organized in the treehouse.
  • We slept with headlamps around our necks in case we needed to make a midnight trip down the ladder.
  • Our friends who hosted us enjoyed the uniqueness of our adventure, so it was fun for all.

Here’s the breakfast part of the B&B.


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Dave Thomson - Jul 13, 2016 at 10:20 PM

I loved your story and the moral that even a short trip can be a great adventure.

Kurt Holtzclaw - Jul 25, 2016 at 7:16 AM

It would be awesome to build a series of these small tree houses throughout the US Route Network. It would be cool if private land owners would allow it in exchange for a nominal fee ($5 per night or something).

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