A Family Bike Travel Weekend Adventure in Maryland!

A short little out and back on the Western Maryland Rail Trail with my 21-month-old son and four months pregnant wife.

Bicycle Adventurers: Jason, Anna, Roddy, and our unborn baby

When: June 3-4, 2017, Bike Travel Weekend

Accommodations: White Rock Hiker Biker Campsite on the Potomac River

Distance: 27 miles

Bonus tip for this adventure? The Western Maryland Rail Trail (WMRT) is paved and it runs beside the C&O Towpath. The WMRT gives you a less bumpy option

Day One

On Saturday we loaded our gear in the car and waited for our sons nap time and headed to the trail while he slept in the car. When he woke up we unpacked and hit the trail!

It was early afternoon and we really didn't have a game plan except to have fun. My wife is four months preggers, so we were taking it easy — zig zagging from the WMRT to the C&O and back with lots of breaks sprinkled in so the lil'man could run around. We stopped at someplace that was right on the trail in Hancock for ice cream and root beer. Then we stopped at White Rock Hiker Biker Campsite for a break and decided to make it our home for the night.

We set up camp, then went for a swim in the Potomac River. We thought we were going to have the campsite to ourselves but right when my wife was putting our son to sleep, two guys that were cycling from Rehobeth to San Francisco showed up. Our son proceeded to cry for the next twenty minutes when he heard them. The guys had a 70-mile day, but I think they were questioning their choice in a place to end their day. Our son is a super-experienced camper, and I'm not sure why he was so upset. Maybe he just wanted to meet our camp mates. But everyone settled in for a nice night under the stars.

Day Two

Our son was up early. We ate breakfast, packed our gear, and as Willie Nelson says “On The Trail Again, I Can't Wait To Get On the Trail Again.” We opted for the paved WMRT all the way back to the car. We had a great weekend and can't wait to get out there again.

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Hillary - Dec 8, 2017 at 9:06 PM

Wow, it looks so amazing. I want to go on a bike tour with my family too.

Brendan - Mar 24, 2018 at 4:52 PM

We miss biking with y’all. :)

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