Cycling to Nova Scotia’s Peggy’s Cove

I rode a loop to Peggy’s Cove south of Halifax, Nova Scotia and camped. This area is extremely scenic and worth doing.

Bicycle Adventurers: Albert Bohemier and grandson.

When: I started Friday night, June 3, with a little side trip with my grandson, then continued on June 4–5. This was the 2016 National Bike Travel Weekend.

Accommodations: I camped at Peggy's Cove. Plus, there are many small hotels and B&Bs along the way.

Distance: The whole trip worked out to be about 100 miles or 125 kilometers.

Bonus tip for this adventure: 

  • Camping out on the top of the glacier-polished rocks on a bed of moss was a great way to sleep to the sound of the peepers (little frogs) and a fog horn.
  • The wind keeps the flies away!
  • is a good site to see where I did this trip. If you look to the eastern end of the Rum Runners Trail, you can find my loop to Peggy’s Cove, detailed on the map below.

Day One

I visited my grandson and took him out in a Chariot trailer behind my fully-loaded bike. We explored and threw lots of rocks into one of the lakes.

Day Two

I rode to Peggy’s Cove and ate chowder along the way and stopped for coffee. Then set up my tent up on the rocks and made myself a great supper with my BioLite wood burning stove while I charged up my BlackBerry for the next day’s ride — just enjoyed the sights and the wind, sun, then fog.

Day Three

Took down my camp in the fog and drizzle which was still a happy event. Then I went on the search for coffee on the road back to Halifax and stopped many times to see the sights and rest, plus talked with various people along the way. It’s always amazing how many people want to chat with someone on a fully loaded bike.

Bike overnight tips and tricks?


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Adam - Jun 27, 2016 at 12:06 PM

"Just do it". Challenge accepted. As a New England native, I look forward to going to see what our sibling CA has to get in Nova Scotia.

Stephen - Jun 27, 2016 at 6:28 PM

I have always wanted to ride in that area. Thanks for the write up, the ideas & the great pictures.

Gustavo Campos - Jun 28, 2016 at 8:10 AM

Thanks for that, hope to make it one day. I can check later what is the right distance but just so you know you wrote 100 miles or 125 kms. It should be 160 kms or 78 miles.

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