Desert Beauty West Of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Two days, one night in the mountains west of Ciudad Juárez (yes, that Juarez).

Bicycle Adventurers: Solo adventure

When: October 2016

Accommodations: Camping in the desert mountains. There are plenty of places.

Distance: It was scheduled for 100km, fully offroad over days with about half singletrack, but it ended being only 60km, with about 10km on pavement due to mechanical failure.

Bonus tip for this adventure: 

  • Desert mountains with beautiful scenery
  • Singletrack, mines, many MTB riders, and some four wheelers.

Day One

I started the day late and rode less than expected. I had to do some night riding too, but it was beautiful.

I found this area wetter than expected due to the rainy season just over, and saw lots of jackrabbits on the trails looking at me, and they only ran when I was about to ride over them. Saw some bunnies too.

The day’s ride had some singletrack, but mostly wide track with some sand dunes too.

Day Two

I packed up, leaving no trace behind on my camp and headed out for more wide track and then some singletrack. I encountered many mountain bikers due to a big race happening the next week. This race is kind of famous, Chupacabras 100km

Then disaster struck: a busted suspension on my old Specialized FRS XC ... I need a new one. It was still rideable, but I had to head back to the nearest paved road and back to civilization early. Still, the whole trip was worth it.

I really want to do it again and finish the 100km, hopefully with some company.

Your favorite local bike shop? I do most of my own mechanics, so no favorite bike shop.

Bike overnight tips and tricks? Took my hydration pack (100oz.) and headlamp, sleeping pad, 30°F sleeping bag, single tent, and an extra gallon of water strapped to the bike. I had my GPS on the handlebars, and also took binoculars, but would leave them next time. Did not eat much. 

HOW ABOUT YOU? Inspire others by submitting your own bike overnight adventure!

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Tom - Dec 27, 2016 at 12:04 AM

Hi Fabian,
Mexico looks awesome :) Good look on your next 100km try!

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