Texas Bike Overnight: A Kid-Friendly Bike Travel Weekend

For Bike Travel Weekend 2017, I loaded up my Kona Sutra and my five year old for a short trip in Austin, Texas.

Bicycle Adventurers: Kate B. and her son

When: June 3–4, 2017, Bike Travel Weekend!

Accommodations: A hotel along the Colorado River in downtown Austin

Distance: 25 miles over two days on our out-and-back trip

Bonus tip for this adventure:

Day One

For my first overnight, I decided to take my five year old along on a short trip for Bike Travel Weekend. We got a hotel in downtown Austin, picked an interesting route from home to hotel, and on Saturday afternoon, we took off! I ride a Kona Sutra and tow him along on a Weehoo recumbent trailer. Since I haven’t settled on panniers yet, I wore a backpack with our clothes & supplies. Between my son, his trailer, and our pack, I was towing just over 100lbs! 12.5mi of mostly downhill biking got us to the hotel in a little over an hour. We promptly hopped in the pool, had dinner, and watched the Congress Avenue bats (Mexican free-tailed bats) emerge and fly off into the sky over the river.

Day Two

Sunday morning, we found a break in the forecasted rain, packed back up, and headed home. Towing us back home was considerably more work than going down to the river, but we managed it, only walking up one half of a hill on the way. We had a great time, and loved that we could participate in our first Bike Travel Weekend together.

Your favorite local bike shop? The Peddler, Hyde Park, 5015 Duval Street, Austin, TX 78751

Bike overnight tips and tricks? All of the campgrounds and state parks that were within my bike range towing my son were booked solid for this weekend, which was disappointing at first. When I realized that we could stay at a hotel and still count it as bike travel, I was so excited again. Don’t miss out on a travel opportunity just because your initial plans don’t work out!


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