Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado

I made a trip to Colorado recently to escape the Midwest heat and humidity, spending time north of Fort Collins camping, mountain biking, and hiking. I also decided to do an S24O bikepacking overnight while I was out there.

I rose early to beat the warm weather, starting at 6,800 feet just west of Livermore. My trip started with a long, steep climb up 82E, a primitive gravel road. Unfortunately, some new gravel had been placed on sections, making the grind even more difficult than it would have been otherwise. But the scenery was outstanding.

After a grueling climb I reached the gorgeous Prairie Divide Road. A couple of miles later I took a turn toward Creedmore Lakes. I rode on Forest Service Road 181 and then 181B, a very primitive doubletrack that dead ended at an 8,200-foot summit.

After setting up my hammock, I spent quite a bit of time reading a book about a real adventurer, Roald Amundsen, whose exploits made my little jaunt seem like nothing. After resting up, I made a trip to the Creedmore Lakes for water.

I slept in the hammock, with great views of the setting sun and the stars. The morning sun woke me early and I headed back to my starting point with a nice long descent to quicken the trip.

It was a great time, with the area to myself and excellent weather.

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Tip for this adventure: The National Geographic map for this area was great. You can also buy the Roosevelt National Forest map. The closest supplies can be found at The Forks at Highway 287 and Red Feather Lakes (they also have a nice new bar with fresh local brews on tap and are nice folks). While in the area I would strongly recommend also checking out the Red Mountain Open Space (hike or mountain bike).

Favorite local bike shop: Lees's Cyclery in Fort Collins.

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Deren - Aug 16, 2014 at 4:24 PM

Love this area of Northern Colorado and have had a few bike rides through the sections you are describing. You picked a great route. If you're ever looking for a great overnighter in the area again, check out Deadman Road which heads west out of Red Feather Lakes. Climbs over 10,000 feet and the view of the Laramie River Valley on the other side is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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