Try All by Fire: Choose Your Own Adventure in PA

The Try All By Fire website claims that this event is "unlike any other event." There is a finish line. The rest is up to you. The purpose of the event is as personal as the path you select. Therefore, registration is less about signing a form as it is pledging an oath. Here's the skinny on this Pennsylvania event:

On August 13th, 2011 join us for a non-competitive cycling ride through the scenic countryside of Pennsylvania -- where winding trails and rushing waters abound -- to reach a meeting place, a finish line where cyclists will converge for a celebration. The objective is to reach your own cycling goal. We have some set routes along which van-supported groups will be leaving at specific times, while others are setting their own course and going totally self-supported to reach the finish line! This is a bike riding pilgrimage with lots of routes to the finish. We can help you find the best route to meet your goals. Great roads, great stops along the way, great food and fun at the end. Camping and showers will await you at the finish line and breakfast will be available the next day.

Try All By Fire is a unique, one of a kind event that allows bike riders of all abilities and interests to participate in the event at their own speed and distance with one goal –- reach the finish line. You select your own route –- starting at your home, your office, a group starting spot, bike shop or just down the road from the finish line. You ride your bike to the finish line by the ending time period. (4pm – 6pm) Cross the finish line and become part of the TRY ALL TRYBE!

(Tom Oswald is leading group of bike riders on a 70 mile trek to the finish line and welcomes anyone to join him and his tribe!)

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Tim Schlitzer - Jul 28, 2011 at 9:22 AM

Thanks Bike Over Nights! So far we have 150 registered for our finish line event. You can contact us at our website if you need help finding out more details. It is going to be a fun event with folks riding, hiking, kayaking and even hang gliding to the finish line! - Tim